Pawprints On My Heart

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring is here! Yay!!! This is the beautiful view out my bedroom window. Stryder and I have been enjoying it immensely. It's so strange...he crys at the window of my office to be let in the house and then he runs to the bedroom so that he can sit in the window and stare raptly out. I figured he would be happier out in it rather than "screening" it like a kitty kat movie. I guess spring is pretty interesting where ever you view it.

My pal Josey has been envious of my beautiful weather cause she is way up north in winterland. She reported that it was snowing on the first day of spring. Well, I may not have snow in spring but I do, however, have a layer of yellow pollen blanketing my car just like snow. Sneeze inducing snow, what fun! lol. Luckily I had 16+ years up in the Great White to help me build up a bit of a resistance to the yellow muck. As most people down here are drippy nosed and bleary eyed I just have a little dryness and tickle in my throat. Thank God for small miracles.

Reguardless of the weather I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is enjoying the day.


josey said...

that IS a beautiful view out your window. mine is old wet leaves, a light sprinkling of snow and a few scrubby evergreen bushes! LOL!!

stryder is a silly cat. hehe. maybe he thinks your dad is outside so he's scared to stay out there?? haha!! j/k!

Kellykat said...

Yes, he definately is a silly cat. He loves to play the in or out game and maybe this is just the Spring version, gets the best of both worlds.