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Thursday, March 6, 2008

100 Things Part II

51. I let dead flowers just hang around in vases until all the petals fall off.

52. I secretly wish I was Asian.

53. Or a Goth Princess. I love the wigs and makeup they can get away with. I frequently will dress up with a goth theme for Halloween and when I'm made up that way I instantly feel sexy and somewhat powerful. Weird huh?

54. Right now I'm listening to heavy metal music from a band that is actually an animated cartoon. Metalacolypse rules! lol

55. My freind Swameejos reminded me of the time when my prudish mother called us over the the window to "look at all the little peckers"! Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious!

56. I still have a piggy bank.

57. I like pepperoni and pineapple pizza. I call it Pee Pee Pizza. I told you I'm still 7! lol

58. My personal motto is "Fake it til you Make it". I'm still faking.

59. When drinking with my pals I tend to break into old rap songs by the Beastie Boys. Before the first verse is over everyone joins in. Kickin it old school!

60. I can chug a beer in 4 seconds flat much to the chagrin of my boyfreind, it takes him at least 7. He won't let me race him anymore in public. Tee hee.

61. I still like to play dress up. I put on crazy make up and create super heroes in lingerie. TMI?

62. I've never painted a room.

63. I'm a recovering pack rat.

64. I'd rather pay someone to wash my car than do it myself.

65. I hold myself back needlessly.

66. This guy I was dating tried to break up with me for being a smart @ss. This was after I had just dumped him. Sheesh! Too late buddy!

67. I saw an alien in my neighbor's garage when I was younger. It was totally cool and creepy at the same time. You could only see it from my bedroom and the face continually changed kinda like a shape shifter. My dad tried to convince me that it was just something hanging on the wall but I waved at it and it waved back. Junk on a wall won't do that.

68. I'm the only person I know who can bust their @ss at a liquor store before going in. I got the scarred up knee to prove it.

69. I feel more connected to my spriritual side when I'm immersed in water. There is something about the freedom it gives me that allows me to focus outside of myself and within myself at the same time. I discovered this as a child. I would go night swimming with my dad in the summer time and we would just float and look up at the stars and ponder life's mysteries. Very cool Dad.

70. I have had a few poems published but one of them was also selected to be dramatically read by an actor onto audio tape that was entitled "The Ten Best Poems of the Year". I forget what year it was.

71. I used to be addicted to a show called "Starting Over". I really miss it. It was a reality type show that dedicated itself to giving women from all walks of life an opportunity for self growth and change and to essentially start over. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from that show I wish it were still on. I wanted to be on it. Thanks Rhonda and Iyanla, you were a blessing.

72. I seem to have a habit of finding disfunctional freinds. It also takes me way too long to realize I need to let them go. You know, that whole season reason lifetime thingy. Which one are you? :p

73. I love to play bored games. Lol, I just realized I used the wrong spelling for board, but its true! You play them when your bored so why not!?!

74. I made my boyfreind a macaroni lady for Valentine's Day. He was expecting it. (Don't worry I also gave him a card and made him brownies.)

75. I dream in color and remember my dreams most every day. They are usually weird and symbolic and make sense only to me. I used to keep a dream journal and if I were to read it now I would immediately be able to feel the same emotions that I felt when I originally dreamt them. Cool huh!

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