Pawprints On My Heart

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Note From Kellykat

I just wanted to thank all the wonderful furry friends and beans who have been leaving me messages of encouragement and support. I feel special everyday that I discover one waiting for me. It means a great deal to know that there are so many fabulous friends that have me in their hearts.

I also have received many Christmas and Get Well cards from you. They are all beautiful and I have surrounded myself with them to remind me that I need to hurry up and get better so I can resume my place in the blogosphere!

While I have been away from the keyboard I have been well taken care of. We do A LOT of this:

The kitties take turns keeping me company and its just what the doctor ordered!

Thanks for not forgetting us and I promise that the kitties and I will be back real soon. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steady Progress :)

good morning furry friends and beans! :)

kellykat came home on Thursday as hoped! and even tho she was a tad bit groggy and slow, she was sooooo happy to see stryder, scotchy and sugar! who isn't always in need of a little kitty therapy anyhoo, right? :)

the first day was a bit rough. it was hard for kellykat to sleep and a challenge to get all the protein drink down. her digestive system wasn't quite in sync, either, if ya know what i mean! :( however, by Friday things were getting a little easier. she has even been taking little walks and it helps her feel better overall! she's still tired quite a bit, but as she is able to get food and supplements down she will gain energy--and she's looking forward to that!

i read all your lovely comments to kellykat over the phone! she giggled and "awwwww"ed and it just warmed her heart to hear from you all. (and
Whicky, Angel, Oliver, Gerry & Mum--i DID do the rumbly purrs!!) so again, thank you! there's nothing like knowing people care to help overcome life's challenges and to speed up healing. even when she's tired, there's still a renewed spark in her voice and i know that's a VERY good thing!

oh, and there HAVE been a couple instances of uncontrolled biscuit making on kellykat's tummy! :-O oopsie!! shhhhh, don't tell scotchy i told on her tho. hehe. the second instance kellykat was able to let scotchy lie down for a little bit in just the right spot on her tummy. i think they both rather quite enjoyed it :)

so, that's the latest! kellykat may feel like sitting at the computer sometime soon to chat with you all, or maybe one of the kitties might have a few spare moments from taking care of and watching over their precious Meowmy to say hello! but either way, someone will be back again soon to chit chat and update.

hope you all are having a furriffic weekend!! =) thank you again for all your love and purrayers!!

~aunt josey~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update on Meowmy!

hello everyone! aunt josey here :)

stryder, scotchy and sugar asked if i would fill in for them to let you know about how their meowmy's doing! they are busy making biscuits on her bed and keeping it warm until she comes home :) they miss her so much but know she is in good hands!

kellykat's surgery went veryvery well yesterday! once the doctors got over some challenges with her IV, everything went smoothly. she was up and walking within hours of leaving the recovery room!

she has been able to keep a good amount of sustenance down and is looking forward to regaining her energy soon :) she is staying at least one more night, as the doctors are still monitoring her kidney function. she is in very little pain and so thankful! she is also extremely grateful that her boy-honey bean and parents have been there to give her strength and encouragement every step of the way!

she also wanted to let you know she is most appreciative of all the purrayers and good thoughts you've been sending her way! they are helping more than you know. THANK YOU!!!

and i have to add one personal note from myself...i have known kellykat IRL for over 20 years and i must express how PROUD i am of her and how COURAGEOUS she has been! she has been very steadfast for several months in preparing herself mentally, physically and spiritually for this change in her life, and i know that with her focused determination, lots of healing laughter and support from family and friends (beans AND furry kritters alike!) she will heal very quickly and be well on her way. i also know that she will be eager to take over the blog reigns soon, but until then i'll be helping out stryder and the crew!

thank you again for your encouragement and we will check back in again soon!

(((HUGS!!))) and lots of purrs,

stryder, scotchy, sugar and
aunt josey :)
(and of course, cousins
snax, trixie, cadet and cali!)

P.S. thank you to the folks at cat blogosphere for remembering kellykat yesterday!! how thoughtful!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Holidays

Check out these lovely graphics from the Human at Zoolatry!

We are wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season. We will not be around for a while as you may know cause our typist, Meowmy, is having surgery tomorrow. She asked us to say a great big "thank you" to all the nice kitties and beans who have left her messages of love and encouragement, it has meant the world to her to know that so many friends out there care for her. We will be purring for her and taking care of her until she is able to return to her blogging duties. Thanks for coming by, we hope to see you all real soon!
-Stryder, Scotchy and Sugar

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Happy Gotcha Day Scotchy!

Hello everyone! Meowmy here, I'm taking over today to give a special message to one of my favorite girl kitties.
It was 3 short years ago that you became a part of our family. You were such an unexpected gift. The cute little foxy kitty who just showed up out of nowhere. You were persistent and you charmed us all. Now you have a special place in our home and our hearts. You bring us so much joy and happiness. We are so lucky to have been chosen by you little girl! We love you and are grateful to be your people. We look forward to celebrating many, many more special days with you.

In honor of Scotchy's special day we would like to give a prize to one of our blogging friends. If you would like to receive your very own copy of "Purry Logic" by Jane Seabrook please leave a comment on this post. A name will be drawn at random and the book will be sent directly to you from the publisher. You have until Thursday evening at 6:00 pm eastern time to leave your request.

Now I'll turn the blog back over to the kitties and go find Miss Scotchy so I can shower her in head scritches, chin rubs, and Party Mix while she showers me in kitty drool, purrs and makes biscuits on my tummy.

P.S. Special thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the gotcha graphic.

UPDATE: Concatulations to Lorianna of Twilight's Muse. She won the copy of Purry Logic. Thanks to everycat who participated.