Pawprints On My Heart

Friday, November 28, 2008

We Are So Proud

We are so proud of our Meowmy. She has been working very hard at something for several months now and she is finally close to the finish line. She hasn't wanted us to talk about it because she was afraid it might jinx it but now she says its ok to tell you.

All her life Meowmy has had problems with her weight. She has always been the one to get picked on and made to feel like she was never good enough. No matter how smart, or nice or funny or self sacrificing she is, it is just never good enough to make people forget what she looks like on the outside and just accept her for who she is on the inside. Now we have always loved her for who she is and never cared what she looks like but us cats are far more accepting than most humans out there, right kitties?

She has had to deal with a lot of rejection but she always claimed it made her stronger. But we all know that even so it still hurts a lot inside. She began to think that maybe this is why she has been rejected so much while she's been looking for a new day hunting place too. Not only that but she has begun to have some scary health issues as well because of her weight. That makes us sad cause we want her to be around for a long long time to take care of us and give us scritches and stinky goodness and yes, even shove that darned flashy box thing in our faces too.

Recently her mom and dad bean offered her an opportunity she couldn't turn down. They wanted to use her dad bean's 401K money to pay for her to have gastric bypass surgery. Her mom bean had it done almost 2 years ago and she is looking great and has never felt better. Almost all of her health problems have disappeared and never heard from again. This is what we all want for our Meowmy. So since June of this year she has been actively pursuing this path to healthiness. There have been so many hoops she has had to jump thru to get here but she is finally here. She has a surgery date and time set.

But here is the part that we are especially proud of. For the past several weeks she has been making drastic changes to her diet and eating habits. First it was just cutting down on calories and making healthier choices, and now she is on a special liquid diet to prepare her for the upcoming surgery. Can you imagine a Thanksgiving where you couldn't eat a single bite of all the festive goodies? No turkey, no mashed potatoes, no pumpkin pie? Well she did it! She made it thru with flying colors! She didn't even think about having a bite. We are so proud of her! She is pawsome. She told us that we could help to support her by eating her share of the turkey. We all agreed that it was the least we could do for such a good Meowmy. And all of her hard work has paid off. She found out yesterday that in the past 5 weeks, she has lost 21 lbs!!! Yay Meowmy!!!! Yay!!! We couldn't be more excited for her, she deserves it.

She still has several days to go before her surgery on December 9th. We plan to spend as much time with her as possible supporting her and loving her as only we can. We may not be around much for the next couple of weeks but I'm sure you all will understand and excuse our absence. This is a major surgery and has risks involved with it but we are purring for a positive outcome. So if you have the time please come by and purr with us and wish our Meowmy the best, she needs all the encouragement she can get. Thanks for being such good friends to us all.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Clicky With It

So the other day when Meowmy was outside investigating the bee hive she got inspired by all the colorful leaves. She started clicking that camera like crazy. Since she is a pretty good Meowmy most the time we said that she could share some of her favorites with you all here on our blog. Wasn't that generous of us? We're hoping by setting this example she will be generous with the treats. With the exception of the fire pictures and the last "colorful trees" one these were all taken in our very own yard. We think some of these are pretty good. Please enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Yesterday Meowmy noticed something weird in our trees in the front yard so like any blogger with a camera she went out to snap some pictures. Until the weather got cold we had been bugged (mol sorry couldn't resist it) by a zillion bees, well now we know why and more importantly where they went.

See how close they are to our house? This is not good. These bees were really annoying. Meowmy couldn't go outside for more than 2 minutes before they would be crawling on her. Once she said that they even went between her toes! That freaked her out but she stayed still and did not get stung. Plus they stole our foods! Yeah, they would swarm all over it and try to fly off with crunchies. It wasn't too bad for me and Scotchy and Sugar cause we mostly eat in the house but poor Grayboy and Silver. They are the two feral kitties that eat on our back porch. We think Grayboy actually got stung in the mouth while eating. Something has to be done about this!
While Meowmy was out snapping pictures she saw something else that was much more dangerous. Predators! Do you see them? They are kinda tiny in these pictures but scary none the less. These big hawks like to fly in circular patterns and swoop down and get their lunch to go! They have been known to fly off with all kinds of small critters including cats!

There were only 3 in that first picture but the last one we counted 10! They start at one end of the neighborhood and slowly make there way to the other. Poor Sugar was out playing in the woods when they showed up. She saw Meowmy and started crying for help! Meowmy found her and escorted her up to the house so she would not become some mean old birds lunch. Good thing Meowmy showed up when she did.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

King Stryder

I know this may look a little feminine but my Meowmy assured me that this is truly my Mancat crown. I like all the sparkles, don't you?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

It Came!

The prize package that Stryder won for his entry in the Simply Siamese Fall Contest arrived a few days ago.

He was so proud to have won! He won the Lazy Crazy Fall category sponsored by Sassy Cat.

He couldn't wait to tear into it!

There were so many cool toys he didn't know what to think!

The mouse became a quick favorite. It squeaks when you whap it around.

After playing with the mouse for a while we headed back to the bedroom for some more playtime.

The bird was pretty yummy.

But the fish was too interesting to pass up.

Can you tell that all of the toys had nip in them?

After a long evening of testing out all the toys he finally passed out and had nip colored dreams.
Thanks so much to the wonderful beans that picked out these great prizes, they were purrfect!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008