Pawprints On My Heart

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Live Long & Pawspurr

Well today is the day! Karl & Ruis just got hitched! It was a wonderful ceremony aboard the star ship Voyager. Captain Janeway presided over the gathering along with her crew and the many beloved guests. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the actual wedding but we are all geared for the reception!

Stryder is decked out in this fancy recreation of a Captain Kirk uniform. His grandma Carol spent hours adding all the shiny details so that he would look fabulous. Just like a mancat he was ready in 2 minutes flat. Now he is just adjusting his transmitter while he waits in the Captain's seat.

Scotchy wanted to look glamorous in her recreation of a Star Trek costume. I don't know what planet this one came from but she looks great. After a whole day of practicing in her new heels she's not wobbling at all.
The gracious hosts that they are, Karl & Ruis sent ahead some refreshments to get the party started until they arrive at the reception. Just look how fresh and lovely this catnip is! The gang can't wait to give it a chew and a rub and maybe even a roll or two.
The festivities have just gotten started so be sure to beam over and wish them well. Hope we bump into you at the reception!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I drew this a few months ago and it made me laugh. Sorry about the shadow. Looking at it now it kinda reminds me of a South Park character or something.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?

Ok, I have a confession to make. I LOVE New Kids on the Block. I know what your thinking, what a dork! but its true! I do. And I don't care cause I know I'm a dork but thats what makes me, ME.

It started out in about 10th grade for me. My friend Tina was what you could call a little obsessed with them. She had all the posters, the tapes, the video tapes, the magazines, the pins, buttons, dolls, fake backstage passes, everything! She would sing all of their songs on the radio but she wouldn't stop there. She had a passion for little Joey Joe so everytime a song, any song, not just one of theirs, would say the word you she would swap it for Joe. At first I thought I was just hearing her wrong but then it became quite amuzing to see how she could make any song into a love song to her man. My favorite was a Mariah Carey song, Emotions. Imagine this: Joe's got me feeling emotions deeper than I've ever dreamed of.... Cute right?

Well it started with me sharing a ride to my first ever concert. We were on our way and I let it be known that I had only ever heard their first album. Tina freaked! How could I be a fan and not have heard the latest and the greatest!?! Well she must have decided at that point that I was her mission. From then on we ate drank slept NKOTB. By the end of a few short months I'd say that I could compete with her on who could out obsess who.

Soon afterward my family and I moved to Georgia and I had lost my fellow fan friend. We would write and call and she even came for a short visit but it wasn't the same. She would talk less and less about Joe and she became all about that guy who sang Rico Suave, I think his name was Gerardo or something. Anyway, I felt all alone in my love for the Kids. About that time I stopped hearing about them and they just kinda faded away. There was no one to share my love for them with so I moved on.

Flash forward to the present and the news that the Kids were getting back together. O. M. G!! I am so psyched! I couldn't believe it! Finally some good news in this messed up world! lol. I have been so excited about this but one problem....I had no one to share this excitement with! Tina has dissappeared into my long list of long lost friends and as much as I hate to admit this, I don't really have too many friends living waaaay out here in this little mountain town. Everybody I have tried to share my excitement with has just kinda given me that are you serious look. Yes! I'm serious. I still love the New Kids.

Just when I thought that I was alone on this I found this: Desperately Seeking Sanity's Bloggy Giveaway. I have finally found another dork to share my excitement with! Can you believe it!?! They really do exist! lol. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all the references to NKOTB. It makes me feel like a teenager again. Only this time no acne!

Not only did I enter her bloggy giveaway, I WON!!! I think I won her over with my masterful reinterpretation of Donnie's rap from the song No More Games. Or I could have just been the random name picked out of a hat, who cares? I don't! All I know is that I won an awesome prize and have gained a new friend. Who could ask for more?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its Garden Party Time!

Today we are celebrating Gretchen and Yoggie's birthday! Gretchen is throwing a Garden Party Tea for all her kitty freinds with lots of yummy treats! She also provided top hats for the gentlemen cats and beautiful feather hats and fans for the lady kitties. Here you can see Stryder trying one on for size. He doesn't look too happy with this one does he? I think he may be more displeased with my graphics skills than with the top hat. I think he looks very handsome! :o)

It took a lot of time and convincing to get Stryder to agree to pose with Scotchy under the Rose Arbor. I also had to bribe him with a glass of Tuna Juice Punch. Scotchy seemed partial to the Sweet Catnip Tea and the Catnip Cordials.

Also celebrating birthday's today is Gandalf & Grayson and Dr. Tweetie's Aunt Stinky. Yay! Happy Birthday efurrykitty!

Gretchen is still serving up her delicious treats over at Gretchen's Paw Prattle be sure to stop by and say hello!