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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its Garden Party Time!

Today we are celebrating Gretchen and Yoggie's birthday! Gretchen is throwing a Garden Party Tea for all her kitty freinds with lots of yummy treats! She also provided top hats for the gentlemen cats and beautiful feather hats and fans for the lady kitties. Here you can see Stryder trying one on for size. He doesn't look too happy with this one does he? I think he may be more displeased with my graphics skills than with the top hat. I think he looks very handsome! :o)

It took a lot of time and convincing to get Stryder to agree to pose with Scotchy under the Rose Arbor. I also had to bribe him with a glass of Tuna Juice Punch. Scotchy seemed partial to the Sweet Catnip Tea and the Catnip Cordials.

Also celebrating birthday's today is Gandalf & Grayson and Dr. Tweetie's Aunt Stinky. Yay! Happy Birthday efurrykitty!

Gretchen is still serving up her delicious treats over at Gretchen's Paw Prattle be sure to stop by and say hello!


Gretchen said...

Scotchy and Stryder looks so handsome and pretty under the rose arbor. Thanks for coming to my party. Stick around for a while.
I'm going to post your pictures.


Kellykat said...

Gretchen we had such a marvelous time celebrating your birthday! Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

It's fun learning Photoshop, isn't it?

Kellykat said...

Well to be honest I don't have photoshop so I was just using the most basic "paint" program on my pc's accessory section. But yes! It was fun I just wish I could have done a better job!

josey said...

hehehe totally KEWT!! :D

how dapper stryder looks in his top hat, and scotchy looks most ladylike with her "bonnet..." she most definitely had a lot of that southern sweet catnip tea! hehe!!

loved this one!!