Pawprints On My Heart

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring is here! Yay!!! This is the beautiful view out my bedroom window. Stryder and I have been enjoying it immensely. It's so strange...he crys at the window of my office to be let in the house and then he runs to the bedroom so that he can sit in the window and stare raptly out. I figured he would be happier out in it rather than "screening" it like a kitty kat movie. I guess spring is pretty interesting where ever you view it.

My pal Josey has been envious of my beautiful weather cause she is way up north in winterland. She reported that it was snowing on the first day of spring. Well, I may not have snow in spring but I do, however, have a layer of yellow pollen blanketing my car just like snow. Sneeze inducing snow, what fun! lol. Luckily I had 16+ years up in the Great White to help me build up a bit of a resistance to the yellow muck. As most people down here are drippy nosed and bleary eyed I just have a little dryness and tickle in my throat. Thank God for small miracles.

Reguardless of the weather I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is enjoying the day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creative Meme

So I've been looking around the blogosphere and I have come across a few new ones that I really enjoy. The most recent one has a challenge posted that I was really interested in. Since I have some time on my hands and have been pretty restless lately I thought I'd give it a shot. Check this out:

1. Make something, anything. It doesn't have to be complicated or artsy. Make a list, take an interesting picture, make someone's day, make dinner, make a doodle, make fun of yourself, make a poem, make your bed (OK, that last one is lame).
2. Write a blog about it. With pictures for extra brownie points.
3. Link to this blog and challenge six other bloggers to do the same.

Fun huh? Well this is what I came up with:

This is just a colored pencil drawing I created with my favorite baby kitty Stryder for my muse. He was just sprawled across my bed snoozing away. He must have been dreaming because it started to look like he was swimming! I'm not the best artist but I thought that I got my idea across in this, at least enough to make me giggle! Here are some other pictures of the real kitty for you to draw a comparison. (Also I just love my kitty and like any proud mama just want to show him off a little!)

The first one is of him pretending to sleep after I started taking pictures.

This next one is him hanging out in the bathroom with me while I did my hair.

Here he is deep asleep but still wishing for a belly rub.

And then finally relenting and allowing me to take his picture.

Ok, now I know that the rules above say to challenge 6 bloggers to be creative but to be honest, I'm so new to this whole blog thing that I don't really know 6 bloggers that actually participate in Meme's so I'm only gonna tag 3. They are Josey, Witchypoo, and Veronica. I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with and even if you weren't tagged please feel free to participate! Remember it doesn't matter what it is that you create, just be creative!! Oh yeah, and have FUN!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's skirt poppin time!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently and the topic was most embarassing moments. I don't know if this is truly my most embarassing moment but it is certainly up there.

My disfunctional freind and I decided to go out one Saturday night many years ago. We got all dressed up and was looking good. I had my hair done right and makeup looked flawless, I slithered into an awesome black suede mini skirt and heels and a cute little sweater. Disfunctional was in her traditional uniform of tight jeans, nikes and a cleavage revealing top. Problem was we didn't have anywhere to go. So we hopped in her car and just hit the road and eventually ended up at the apartment of a guy she had a crush on.

Well, needless to say I ended up being the third wheel at this little party so to occupy my time (and I suppose to add to their entertainment) the lovebirds generously provided me with a bottle of liquor. Being in my early 20's I was pretty proud of my drinking abilities and had no problem complying with the request to go out into the kitchen and take a slug from the bottle. Little did I realize that I didn't have the abilities I had been bragging about. Up til now my drinking experience had been little fru-fru girly drinks with lots of juice and fruit and cute little umbrellas. This, my friends, had no umbrella. It was Golden Grain 180 proof!

After a few tips of the bottle I was feeling NO PAIN! In fact, I suddenly thought I was light as a feather and hot as hell! I began to laugh and giggle and flirt with no one imparticular and in my enlightened state I decided that the pillars in the front entrance would make a perfect pole for me to dance on! After a few warm up wiggles and a swirl or two I was ready for the show. I called into the living room and got the duo's attention and proceeded to scrub the ground with my tushy. Thats all it took. I heard this terrible popping slash explosion and I watched as my tight little skirt flew off my body and across the foyer!

Instantly everyone was laughing and laughing as I stood there confused and bare butted. Disfunctional was actually rolling on the floor with tears coming down her face. Lucky for me I was so drunk that I laughed too instead of crying. My only saving grace was that I had packed an overnight bag with a pair of sweats in it which was retrieved for me by apartment dude. Talk about making an impression...I don't think he'll ever forget me.

From that night on Disfunctional never let me live that one down. She even made up a little song that extolled the night's events. Sometimes I can still hear her singing it. "Ya'll gon make me split my skirt, up in here, up in here. Ya'll gon see my derriere ...."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

100 Things Part II

51. I let dead flowers just hang around in vases until all the petals fall off.

52. I secretly wish I was Asian.

53. Or a Goth Princess. I love the wigs and makeup they can get away with. I frequently will dress up with a goth theme for Halloween and when I'm made up that way I instantly feel sexy and somewhat powerful. Weird huh?

54. Right now I'm listening to heavy metal music from a band that is actually an animated cartoon. Metalacolypse rules! lol

55. My freind Swameejos reminded me of the time when my prudish mother called us over the the window to "look at all the little peckers"! Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious!

56. I still have a piggy bank.

57. I like pepperoni and pineapple pizza. I call it Pee Pee Pizza. I told you I'm still 7! lol

58. My personal motto is "Fake it til you Make it". I'm still faking.

59. When drinking with my pals I tend to break into old rap songs by the Beastie Boys. Before the first verse is over everyone joins in. Kickin it old school!

60. I can chug a beer in 4 seconds flat much to the chagrin of my boyfreind, it takes him at least 7. He won't let me race him anymore in public. Tee hee.

61. I still like to play dress up. I put on crazy make up and create super heroes in lingerie. TMI?

62. I've never painted a room.

63. I'm a recovering pack rat.

64. I'd rather pay someone to wash my car than do it myself.

65. I hold myself back needlessly.

66. This guy I was dating tried to break up with me for being a smart @ss. This was after I had just dumped him. Sheesh! Too late buddy!

67. I saw an alien in my neighbor's garage when I was younger. It was totally cool and creepy at the same time. You could only see it from my bedroom and the face continually changed kinda like a shape shifter. My dad tried to convince me that it was just something hanging on the wall but I waved at it and it waved back. Junk on a wall won't do that.

68. I'm the only person I know who can bust their @ss at a liquor store before going in. I got the scarred up knee to prove it.

69. I feel more connected to my spriritual side when I'm immersed in water. There is something about the freedom it gives me that allows me to focus outside of myself and within myself at the same time. I discovered this as a child. I would go night swimming with my dad in the summer time and we would just float and look up at the stars and ponder life's mysteries. Very cool Dad.

70. I have had a few poems published but one of them was also selected to be dramatically read by an actor onto audio tape that was entitled "The Ten Best Poems of the Year". I forget what year it was.

71. I used to be addicted to a show called "Starting Over". I really miss it. It was a reality type show that dedicated itself to giving women from all walks of life an opportunity for self growth and change and to essentially start over. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from that show I wish it were still on. I wanted to be on it. Thanks Rhonda and Iyanla, you were a blessing.

72. I seem to have a habit of finding disfunctional freinds. It also takes me way too long to realize I need to let them go. You know, that whole season reason lifetime thingy. Which one are you? :p

73. I love to play bored games. Lol, I just realized I used the wrong spelling for board, but its true! You play them when your bored so why not!?!

74. I made my boyfreind a macaroni lady for Valentine's Day. He was expecting it. (Don't worry I also gave him a card and made him brownies.)

75. I dream in color and remember my dreams most every day. They are usually weird and symbolic and make sense only to me. I used to keep a dream journal and if I were to read it now I would immediately be able to feel the same emotions that I felt when I originally dreamt them. Cool huh!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What do you mean I'm too old for American Idol?

Its been a long time since I've opened up my mouth and belted out a tune but tonight I did just that. Picture it folks, a chunky, 30 something, prematurely grayed woman dressed in a bathrobe and slippers dancing around in front of her computer singing into a tacky glue bottle, at the top of her lungs, like she was 9! Man I was having a blast! I even adjusted the lighting to give the neighbors a show--just in case they were lucky enough to be watching.

I couldn't beleive how good it felt to just let it all out and go for it. I was hitting the high notes and everything which is not an easy task when your singing along with Celine Dion. I discovered the key is to turn the sound waaaay up so that I don't feel so timid, I can still hear the music and words but let out my voice, my real voice at a therapuetic volume.

I've often thought that as I have gotten older that I have started shrinking into myself, that I have lost my voice and have even voiced this to close freinds. I always meant this as lost my presence, my self but tonight I realized that the reason for that is because a big and vital part of who I am is my voice itself.

I felt like I was the true me was when I was singing. Whether I was in school, at concerts, in the car with the radio, or out singing kareoke, I was always singing. I was always present. Always whole. I knew who I was and what I was about. Take it or leave it. I was a singer.

I have allowed that part of me to go unheard for too long. I have allowed myself to care too much about what others would think of me if I opened my mouth and let the music come out. The thing that I have forgotten is that people actually like what comes out. Why should I fear sharing it?

The presence that I have been missing is my stage presence. Its about time that I got it back. I need to start sharing that part of me that is only me and everything else will just fall in place. Music is too big a part of me to just cut out like I have. It's trying to come back like a limb that can regenerate. Now I can't help but image an extra arm or leg sprouting out of me. "Honey, don't stare at the lady, that's just her microphone arm." extra music limb? Now that may just be the "star quality" they are always talking about on American Idol. We're gonna have to do something about that age limit.

More Albums! Yaaaay!!

Being as that I have some time on my hands and I quite liked the album thingy here are some more for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Album release party!

Welcome everyone and thanks for coming. Tonight your in for a treat. The acclaimed contemporary christian music group FK Sloboda Uzice has just finished their new album, Know you are keeping! Having found inspiration from their hero Short Bus they would now like to pass the opportunity on to you. If you would like to have your own album follow the steps below to create your own. Just click the links below and your on your way to the Music Hall of Fame.

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Good luck and enjoy!

100 Things

I've been reading a page that I've just been turned onto and they are putting in installments about themselves called 100 Things. I like this idea and I think I'd like to give it a try myself, because although I know people and people know me I don't think they know me past the surface things. Not that I'm going to be getting really deep on all of these but also for the fact that when people ask me to tell them about myself I never know what to say. I always over or under analyze it and end up feeling like I've screwed it all up. Well I figured I can't screw this up, especially if I'm in control of it and making all the rules. Hehe!! I'm so excited! lol. Here goes!

100 Things

1. I don't like brussel sprouts. They are stinky little cabbages that make you fart.

2. Just because I'm tall doesn't mean that I don't like to wear high heels. They make me feel sexy and more like a normal woman.

3. Unfortunately for me I can't wear high heels anymore because of a medical condition and that really sucks because its just one more thing that I feel takes away from my femininity.

4. Crunchy peanut butter used to be my favorite, probably because I didn't get to have it very often but now it just bothers my teeth when I eat it.

5. I feel waaay older than my actual age.

6. My actual age is 29D. You figure it out.

7. I still love watching cartoons. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends keeps me in touch with my inner child.

8. My inner child shows up on the outside often too. She can not pass up those little machines by the entrance doors of most stores. I love to put my quarters in and get a crappy little prize. Just ask my boyfriend.

9. I will throw a tantrum (a small one) if I do not get the above mentioned prize that I was hoping for. Those little Rubik's cubes are still taunting me at the grocery store. Damn them!!!

10. I like to draw my own little cartoons and comic strips. First I draw them and then I color them with crayons or sometimes colored pencils. It makes me happy.

11. I have to be inspired to draw my little pictures and I haven't been inspired in a while. That makes me sad.

12. I snuggle with my kitty kat at night. Not just because I miss my boyfriend but also because he's so soft and sweet and I like to listen to him purr.

13. I like ketchup on my macaroni and cheese.

14. I also like it on my scrambled eggs. Some people think this is weird but I learned it from my dad.

15. I used to make "Soup Sandwhiches" when my dad was taking care of me when I was little. He called them this because I would put so much stuff on my balogna, such as mayo, mustard, ketchup and lots and lots of wet relish, that my bread would turn soggy and would disintergrate when I picked it up so that I left a big soupy mess for him to clean up. He he! It makes me smile to remember that.

16. I miss Bob Barker. The Price is Right just isn't the same for me now.

17. I have a mind for pointless drivel otherwise known as trivia. Especially television and movie trivia, but don't ask me to be your partner in Trivial Pursuit. I don't know why but I always loose. But just try to watch tv and tell me that you recognize someone and be wrong! You will get schooled.

18. I love cereal late at night, especially after I have been drinking cocktails. I don't get hangovers. Fruity Pebbles and Honey Bunches of Oats are my favorites.

19. Asking for something I need intimidates me.

20. I wrote a rap song with my best friend from high school. We can still perform it perfectly today. We are available for parties!

21. I can't let go of my regrets. And I regret that.

22. I'd rather have cheesecake than chocolate.

23. I've never cooked a steak.

24. I have to take a liquid medicine every morning at least an hour before I can eat anything or I will pay for it all day. You know what I mean. Acid reflux sucks hard!

25. I have a new found love for coconut milk fruit smoothies! Thanks Josey.

26. I used to be a chatterbox but now have trouble having a conversation that lasts more than 5 minutes.

27. I sang at Carnagie Hall in New York.

28. I am a published poet.

29. I started reading aloud to my boyfriend while he showers. He calls it story time. We both enjoy it. :o) I even do different voices for each character. lol.

30. I sometimes freak myself out by watching ghost stories late at night and have to turn on all the lights before I can make the 3 foot dash to my bathroom at night.

31. I think my current residence is haunted although there has never been a house here before.

32. I'm the only person who can take a decent picture of me.

33. Although I have a web cam that supposedly works I can not connect to it. The little red light mocks me.

34. I am both a night owl and a morning person but never on the same day.

35. I have a love affair with paper and pens. I can never have enough.

36. I would love to go to Ireland and see my ancestrial country.

37. I have learned to count the seconds in between pops of the microwave popcorn for perfect popping accuracy. Its 3 seconds people.

38. I misspelled popping and it made me giggle.

39. I hate wearing socks, shoes and bras. They are the first things to go when I get comfortable.

40. I have nicknames for all of my favorite parts on my boyfriend and frequently will make up little songs about them. The most recent one was for his patch of chest hair and it goes to the tune of Welcome to the Jungle.

41. I started feeling old when I was still in my 20's.

42. I enjoy a battle of wits but don't get to have them very often.

43. I still laugh when I think about how my dad tried to order "an 8 p*ss bucket of chicken".

44. I live in my head way too much.

45. I have invented the Lazy Dayz Helmet. Order now!

46. I both love and hate to pick up after my boyfriend.

47. I have become addicted to everything that is reality television.

48. I am my own worst enemy.

49. I almost died from a pulmonary embolism a few years ago.

50. I have a filter permanently placed in my body because of the above mentioned embolism. Sometimes I can feel it and I call it my "pokey thing".

To be continued....