Pawprints On My Heart

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This is our first time participating in the Thursday Thirteen so we thought that we would show you thirteen pictures of us that you have never seen before. We hope you enjoy.
Hanging out with my Meowmy while she types for me.
Notice my purple stripe after rolling on some berries in the yard.
Efurry girl cat needs a nice long bath.
Guarding my Meowmy while she swings on the love seat.
Spying on that Scotchy monster when she thinks I'm not there. Ha ha!
Sweet dreams Sugar!
I love my feathers. Too bad Scotchy hid them from me the day after I got them.
Just chilling by the pool.
Getting ready to put on my purple "make up".
Camouflage kitty.
Checking out the new black top driveway.
Sugar sneaks in for a quick drink while the Scotchy monster snores.
Meowmy worked really hard on our greeting for Ariel & MaoMao's wedding. Efurry kitty be sure to drop by and leave your concatulations for the bride and groom. The special day is this Saturday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not The Mama Monday!

You rock Mo! We need more people like you in the world. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to all the kitties who need you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

We Miss You Mu Shue

Mu shue pooh king cat was the the founder of hug another cat day. He once said if we all just open are paws and huged each other the world world be a better place. He also said that If each cat huged five cat we all be hugging in no time. Mu shue passed over to the bridge one mouth ago todayy. We like to honnor him with hug another catday on firday I think we could all uses some hugging. ~lilly lu and iris

We saw this posted on the Catblogosphere and were inspired to hug today. So efurrybody get out there and start hugging. It'll make you feel good!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Busiest seat in the house.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me & Mom

Me and my mom, Sugar, have been spending some time together. It's really nice cause usually she doesn't want anyone around. I asked Meowmy if it was ok if I went with her, she said yes of course. So here we go, off on our adventure together.
First we explored the front yard. It was kinda empty like a street in an old western movie. We pretended that it was high noon and had a stand off at the OK Corrall.
I was first to draw! Sugar just sat there and held her ground. The closer I got the more she tensed. When I was close enough she drew her claws and I narrowly dodged that bullet. Ok, game over. You win mom.
Then we played Follow the Leader. It was my turn to lead. We walked around in a circle and she checked out efurrything I did, just like she was supposed to. We walked all the way to the back yard.
After that she was kinda tired and decided that she'd had enough. She plopped down in the yard and just supervised me while I surveyed the yard. It was really nice to have some time together.
Meowmy wanted me to tell you all that Scotchy has a new Back to School post over at Floof & Fur. Be sure to check it out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mancat Monday Fill In

Being the gracious Gentle Mancat that I am, I decided to let my mom post today. Since she was nice enough to spend some time with me on Sunday I figured it was the least I could do. While I'm enjoying my feathers, check out her addition to the Needs Meme.
Sugar Needs:
  1. a drummer. A drummer? I must be in a band. Better get to practicing my keyboards and vocals. Maybe Kellykat can help me out with this, she's very musical.
  2. release from control. Amen! Leave me alone, I know what I want to do.
  3. more dough! Hmm...wonder if they mean dough like green papers or dough like the stuff around the center of my Temptation treats before they get baked? Either way more would be good.
  4. your help. Well we could always use some help. Uhm, could you help me scratch my lower back...been having some trouble getting the right spot. Ahhh...that's nice. Thanks!
  5. more time to pay debt. So that's why I need more dough. I must still owe money to my nip dealer. I sure wish we could start growing our own around here.
  6. to be controlled all the time. No I don't! I already told you I know what I want to do and I don't need to be told.
  7. build up her own sales force. Well, that would help me to get more dough. And I would be able to pay my debts quicker. Thanks for the tip!
  8. to be a fried egg. What!?! A fried egg? I'll stick with being a cat thank you.
  9. to be refridgerated. I do like to stay cool but I don't want to get in that big old box. I just like to sleep in front of it so I can see what's coming out of it. I might need a taste if it looks good.
  10. to be recognized. True! Its about time I was recognized for the Queen that I am. That darned Scotchy thinks this is her house. Well, its not, its MINE. Recognize!

That was fun. I think thats the most I've had to say on this blog, EVER! It felt good to speak up for a change. I found 37,300,000 hits when I typed in my search for this meme. That's more than the other two got. That proves that I am better than them. Ha! Take that intruders!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our hearts and prayers are with Monty Q and his family.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scotchy Needs Meme

Hi! Scotchy here. Its my turn to play the Needs Meme. Here's what I came up with (with a little help from my girl). I found 13,500 results and here are my top 10.

Scotchy Needs:

  1. some love too! Isn't that cool!?! The very first thing that appeared was my own blog! It comes from the bottom of the page for all of you who are using a reader thingy. My girl posted a kissing booth down there for all you handsome man cats and silly mommy's who want to show me some love. Go on, ya know you want to.
  2. to know that I did the right thing. Who did the right thing? You? My girl? Well, I'll just have to trust that you did.
  3. a little help now and then. This is so true. But all the wonderful beans and kitties in the Catblogosphere are always there to give a hand when we need it most. Thanks effuryone! You rock!
  4. to do is run the zip line to the top. Zip line? I don't need no stinking zip line! When I climb up on top of the roof on the sun porch I just wait til my girl comes and gets me down. But it would be kinda cool to zip down and surprise attack my stupid brofur Stryder. Ha ha ha! He'll never know what hit him.
  5. to keep me company. Sure! I'll be right over. Where you at?
  6. needs a miracle for 500 Alex. I sure would if I really were on Jeopardy. They are soo smart. I might do better on Wheel of Furtune. I could whap that wheel really good.
  7. to learn to play. Play? There is no learning in play. You just do it. My girl says I need to learn to play nice. Now that on the other paw I could use some lessons.
  8. to think on it some more. Thinking is overrated. Like if I thought about attacking Stryder too long, I might not do it cause I know I will get in trouble, but then life would be sooo boring.
  9. to spend the extra money. Do they mean green papers? I don't have any right now so there aren't any extra to spend. But if there were I'd buy some more party mix kitty treats and feather butt toys.
  10. to settle down before she gets tasered. That doesn't sound too good! Ok, I'm settling! Back away from the kitty.

Well that was purrty fun. I'm glad it was my turn to play. I think Sugar is gonna play next. She needs to play, she is so uptight. Whenever I try to get her to play she just growls or whaps me on the head. Sheesh!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Please come by and sign our guestbook!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Needs Meme

I've been reading some of the posts of the Needs Meme and I thought it would be fun to play along. So here are my results. I got 38,400 results but Meowmy would only let me pick 10 to show you.
Stryder Needs:
  • more attention! I like this one! Bring it on, more more more!
  • to embrace his original style again man. I am embracing it. There is only one me and I am waaaaay stylish. I just recently spent the day at the salon working on it. Man!
  • a clutch for his Colbalt SS S/C. Huh? I'm fast enough without a sports car.
  • to act mature for his age. I don't wanna! You can't make me.
  • magic to change the world. How are card tricks gonna help?
  • Rowena. Who is she? Is she gonna be my new girlfurriend?
  • her most. She must be my new girlfurriend! When can I meet her?
  • to find a place to live. But I live with my Meowmy, I don't wanna move. Sorry Rowena this might not work out for us.
  • a little good old fashioned intellectually challenging fun. Don't we all? That's what new toys are for; a new puzzle to figure out.
  • to be heard. AMEN!!! That's why we are all here. Cat bloggers unite!

Well that was fun. If you wanna play along consider yourself tagged. Just google your name and the word needs after it and let us know what you find.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Hearts Are Breaking

Such a precious gift if only for a short time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Zoolatry for the "More Sugar, please" graphic above. We hope the probation is over soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy NOMS Day!

Today we are celebrating NOMS Day. And in that spirit we would like to introduce to you some of Meowmy's favorite woofy friends. They live next door to her boyfriend and she gets to spend time with them on the weekends when she is not here with us. We are glad that she has some nice friends to keep her company when we can not be around.

This is Maze. He is a small woofy but he has all the attitude of a big one! Just look at him in this picture. He looks really tough and like you shouldn't mess with him but he really is just a softy. He always jumps up next to Meowmy and snuggles up next to her and wants his belly rubbed. He also is a very good singer. If you start him out on a song he will join in. His favorite is the theme to the old Batman show, but he changes it to BatDog! He can sing really soft or really loud, usually he starts out soft but gets really loud cause he gets excited to sing.

This is Foxy. She sure is a beautiful woofy. She is a big girl. She had an accident when she was furry little and was hit by a car. Since then she has problems with her hips and it makes it hard for her to get around sometimes. She has to take pain medications when it gets to be too much for her. But even though she has to deal with this she is still one of the happiest woofies that Meowmy has ever met. She is always smiling and she still likes to play. She likes to spend her days outside in the yard finding a nice cool spot since she has all that fur.

Maze and Foxy are great NOMS friends for Meowmy and we are furry happy to have had a chance to introduce them to you. We hope they will come back and be on our blog again sometime.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Salon Day

Some of you might of noticed that I didn't get to post yesterday. I wasn't very happy about it as you can see. Meowmy was gone all afternoon and all evening. I couldn't believe it! What could be so important that it had to interrupt my blogging schedule? She said that she had some things to do, errands and a birthday cookout at her boyfriend's house and also some self pampering. It seems that she spent the afternoon at the hair salon!
Can you believe that? I've got more furs than her and I don't go to the salon! Well I didn't think that this was fair so I let her hear about it. I mean if I'm not getting pampered no one else deserves to be pampered. She said that she needed to look nice for her job hunting. Why does she have to look nice while she's hunting? Well, to make it up to me she said that we could do a salon day at home for me! Don't tell Mr. Tigger about it though...he might wanna revoke my M-cat Club membership.

We started off with a full body petting/massage to get me all relaxed and purry. She's got good hands. Knows right were to scritch ya. I especially enjoy the arm pits and between the shoulder blades. Very nice. Then we moved on to the Furminator.

I enjoyed a little catalog shopping while she worked on my furs. They had the coolest shoes, just right for chewing on. On sale $22.95!
Once she was done with the brushing and petting I gave myself the once over. Looks like she missed a spot on my leg, I had to slick it down in place.
After all my pampering was done I had to check out the final product. I took a look in the mirror. She did a good job. Don't I look handsome?
I enjoyed my salon day so much that I told Meowmy that this should become a regular appointment. She agreed as long as I keep tipping her with headbutts and sweet snuggles. I think I can afford that.