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Friday, August 1, 2008

Salon Day

Some of you might of noticed that I didn't get to post yesterday. I wasn't very happy about it as you can see. Meowmy was gone all afternoon and all evening. I couldn't believe it! What could be so important that it had to interrupt my blogging schedule? She said that she had some things to do, errands and a birthday cookout at her boyfriend's house and also some self pampering. It seems that she spent the afternoon at the hair salon!
Can you believe that? I've got more furs than her and I don't go to the salon! Well I didn't think that this was fair so I let her hear about it. I mean if I'm not getting pampered no one else deserves to be pampered. She said that she needed to look nice for her job hunting. Why does she have to look nice while she's hunting? Well, to make it up to me she said that we could do a salon day at home for me! Don't tell Mr. Tigger about it though...he might wanna revoke my M-cat Club membership.

We started off with a full body petting/massage to get me all relaxed and purry. She's got good hands. Knows right were to scritch ya. I especially enjoy the arm pits and between the shoulder blades. Very nice. Then we moved on to the Furminator.

I enjoyed a little catalog shopping while she worked on my furs. They had the coolest shoes, just right for chewing on. On sale $22.95!
Once she was done with the brushing and petting I gave myself the once over. Looks like she missed a spot on my leg, I had to slick it down in place.
After all my pampering was done I had to check out the final product. I took a look in the mirror. She did a good job. Don't I look handsome?
I enjoyed my salon day so much that I told Meowmy that this should become a regular appointment. She agreed as long as I keep tipping her with headbutts and sweet snuggles. I think I can afford that.


Tybalt said...

I'm glad she made it up to you so well, Stryder. You do look very handsome!

Daisy said...

Even a Mancat can enjoy a day of pampering!

Sweet Praline said...

I'm jealous! I need to get mom to give me a special salon day!

You look very handsome!

ZOOLATRY said...

Wow aren't you one lucky cat! All that pampering and pruning and petting and kanoodling...

Kellykat said...

Yeah! I love my meowmy. Salon day was awesome. Efurryone should have one.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh yes, even Mancats should get a nice pampering day. i'm glad your mommy made up for abandoning you with a specail day.
you look uber handsome.

thank you for the nice purrs and prayers while i've been sick. i'm feeling much better and i'm sure it is cause of my friends sending me good thoughts. i'm lucky to have such good friends!