Pawprints On My Heart

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me & Mom

Me and my mom, Sugar, have been spending some time together. It's really nice cause usually she doesn't want anyone around. I asked Meowmy if it was ok if I went with her, she said yes of course. So here we go, off on our adventure together.
First we explored the front yard. It was kinda empty like a street in an old western movie. We pretended that it was high noon and had a stand off at the OK Corrall.
I was first to draw! Sugar just sat there and held her ground. The closer I got the more she tensed. When I was close enough she drew her claws and I narrowly dodged that bullet. Ok, game over. You win mom.
Then we played Follow the Leader. It was my turn to lead. We walked around in a circle and she checked out efurrything I did, just like she was supposed to. We walked all the way to the back yard.
After that she was kinda tired and decided that she'd had enough. She plopped down in the yard and just supervised me while I surveyed the yard. It was really nice to have some time together.
Meowmy wanted me to tell you all that Scotchy has a new Back to School post over at Floof & Fur. Be sure to check it out.


Katie and Da Katz said...

Oh dats furry goods you gots ta spend times wif your kitty Mawmee. Dat was furry nise uvs her.

Have a furry nise day, otay?

Bye bye frum two tuxies

Katie Too n Bootsie Woo
n da Katz Gang

Kellykat said...

Thanks Katie n Bootsie. You have a nice day too!

Daisy said...

It is very wonderful that you can spend some quality time with your fur-mommie!

Sweet Praline said...

That's wonderful that you and your mom can have a good time together outdoors.