Pawprints On My Heart

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Magazine Photo Shoot--by Stryder

We have been very busy the past few days. Meowmy decided that we are too cute to not share with the world so she arranged for us to be on the cover of our very own magazine! We have spent lots and lots of time on grooming so that we could look our best. There were toes to lick, whiskers to wipe, ears to rub, faces to clean and furs to smooth. After all our preparations heres what we made!

First it's the mama kitty (at least MY mama kitty) Sugar. Sugar is 5 years old. She was rescued from a big pack of angry dogs on the side of the road. She was nothing but skin and bones when she was saved. Look at her now!

Next up is Butterscotch (a.k.a. Scotchy, Meatloaf & Scootcher). She is a feral kitty who decided that we needed her. She started appearing on the back porch about 3 1/2 years ago and made herself at home. She began by just having the occasional meal when it suited her but quickly decided that she needed to be inside where she could cause the most trouble. She and Sugar do not get along too well. Scotchy wants to be Queen Bee but Sugar has to remind her, that position is already filled. Queen Bee or not, isn't she beautiful?

Now its my turn. This is for all you lovely lady cats out there. Here I am practicing my man cat pose. I keep my healthy weight by stalking bugs and other little critters. I am 4 years old and I live both indoors and outside. I get to come and go as I please but mostly I prefer napping inside on the bed with my Meowmy. I am very snuggly and I like to purr. Check me out!

And finally, this is a special appearance by our freind Holmes. Holmes (a.k.a. CJ, Burrito, Homey or Amigo) lives with Meowmy's boyfriend Bob. He is 15 years old! Can you believe it!?! I look up to him and hope to be as smart as he is one day. He is also a spitfire. He once knocked a tooth out of a doggie's mouth! He has lots and lots of long furs. He has more attitude than we do so he chose to be on a different cover. Ladies, watch out for him, he loves them and leaves them so this cover seemed appropriate.

Well thank you for visiting us and checking out our photo shoot. It was lots of fun. After all this blogging I'm ready for some kitty krunchies and a long nap. See ya next time!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Am Loved

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Toesday

This was my birthday present to myself.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Furry Fighter

Today we celebrate the life of this brave kitty, Storm. She fought and won cancer not once but twice. Today she was too tired to go on and has left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss her very much. Go in peace sweet Storm.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Funny

This one was called "Strip Mining" courtesy of

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Happy Friday!