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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy NOMS Day!

Today we are celebrating NOMS Day. And in that spirit we would like to introduce to you some of Meowmy's favorite woofy friends. They live next door to her boyfriend and she gets to spend time with them on the weekends when she is not here with us. We are glad that she has some nice friends to keep her company when we can not be around.

This is Maze. He is a small woofy but he has all the attitude of a big one! Just look at him in this picture. He looks really tough and like you shouldn't mess with him but he really is just a softy. He always jumps up next to Meowmy and snuggles up next to her and wants his belly rubbed. He also is a very good singer. If you start him out on a song he will join in. His favorite is the theme to the old Batman show, but he changes it to BatDog! He can sing really soft or really loud, usually he starts out soft but gets really loud cause he gets excited to sing.

This is Foxy. She sure is a beautiful woofy. She is a big girl. She had an accident when she was furry little and was hit by a car. Since then she has problems with her hips and it makes it hard for her to get around sometimes. She has to take pain medications when it gets to be too much for her. But even though she has to deal with this she is still one of the happiest woofies that Meowmy has ever met. She is always smiling and she still likes to play. She likes to spend her days outside in the yard finding a nice cool spot since she has all that fur.

Maze and Foxy are great NOMS friends for Meowmy and we are furry happy to have had a chance to introduce them to you. We hope they will come back and be on our blog again sometime.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

what nice NOMS friends you have! Maze is my kinda woofie, a rock n roll woofie!
i'm glad Foxy has a great forever home where they take care of her pain. she is very pretty.

i want to make sure you got the message i just left for you so i'll leave it again.

thank you so much for the healing purrs while i've been sick. i'm sure i'm getting better faster cause i have so many nice friends sending me healing thoughts.

Daisy said...

Happy NOMS Day! It looks like you have some wonderful doggie friends.

Kellykat said...

Awww...thanks Mr. Hendrix. We will purr for you anytime you need it!
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Kellykat said...

Yeah Daisy, we learned that NOMS can make wonderfur friends. But you already know that.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Aoise said...

Woofies can be weely good NOMS. There was a woofie in my foster home where I lifed before miewmie adopted me.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Happy NOMS Day to you, too! Maze and Foxy are wonderful and we would love to see them again!
Your FL furiends,