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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creative Meme

So I've been looking around the blogosphere and I have come across a few new ones that I really enjoy. The most recent one has a challenge posted that I was really interested in. Since I have some time on my hands and have been pretty restless lately I thought I'd give it a shot. Check this out:

1. Make something, anything. It doesn't have to be complicated or artsy. Make a list, take an interesting picture, make someone's day, make dinner, make a doodle, make fun of yourself, make a poem, make your bed (OK, that last one is lame).
2. Write a blog about it. With pictures for extra brownie points.
3. Link to this blog and challenge six other bloggers to do the same.

Fun huh? Well this is what I came up with:

This is just a colored pencil drawing I created with my favorite baby kitty Stryder for my muse. He was just sprawled across my bed snoozing away. He must have been dreaming because it started to look like he was swimming! I'm not the best artist but I thought that I got my idea across in this, at least enough to make me giggle! Here are some other pictures of the real kitty for you to draw a comparison. (Also I just love my kitty and like any proud mama just want to show him off a little!)

The first one is of him pretending to sleep after I started taking pictures.

This next one is him hanging out in the bathroom with me while I did my hair.

Here he is deep asleep but still wishing for a belly rub.

And then finally relenting and allowing me to take his picture.

Ok, now I know that the rules above say to challenge 6 bloggers to be creative but to be honest, I'm so new to this whole blog thing that I don't really know 6 bloggers that actually participate in Meme's so I'm only gonna tag 3. They are Josey, Witchypoo, and Veronica. I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with and even if you weren't tagged please feel free to participate! Remember it doesn't matter what it is that you create, just be creative!! Oh yeah, and have FUN!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I was planning to make my special gourmet pizza tomorrow.

Veronica said...

Sounds like fun!

josey said...

hey kel!! i love the stryder fish! hehe. i assume that doesnt mean he likes to swim tho ;) LOL!

i'll think about the meme and post it next week! thanks for the tag :D

Kellykat said...

Yaaay!!! I'm so glad you all will participate. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

And Josey, no kitty doesn't like to swim. I was thinking that maybe I could turn this drawing into a logo for a catfish flavored kitty treat or something.

josey said...

hellohello! wanted to let you know i did the meme :) you can see it here!

Kellykat said...

Dang Josey! You've got me stumped. I'd like to post my guesses but I'm wondering if I will end up tagging myself in doing so?

josey said...

hey kel! i added something to the end of the post, in addition to a comment before my signoff exempting you of course. hehe!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I took so long, but I didn't have evidence of anything creative until today. I'm thrilled that you <3 Skinny Bitch!

Kellykat said...

Witchypoo don't worry about the time it took, I didn't mind. I think you bunny is cute and has a WONDERFUL personality! And as for Skinny Bitch, she rocks! I love reading posts about her. I especially loved Handsome Henry, she won me over right there.

Veronica said...

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten your meme, I just need to get my bum in gear and do it.

Kellykat said...

Oh, don't worry about it Veronica, I know you've got a lot on your hands lately. I can be patient! Whenever your ready I'll be here. :)