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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Yesterday Meowmy noticed something weird in our trees in the front yard so like any blogger with a camera she went out to snap some pictures. Until the weather got cold we had been bugged (mol sorry couldn't resist it) by a zillion bees, well now we know why and more importantly where they went.

See how close they are to our house? This is not good. These bees were really annoying. Meowmy couldn't go outside for more than 2 minutes before they would be crawling on her. Once she said that they even went between her toes! That freaked her out but she stayed still and did not get stung. Plus they stole our foods! Yeah, they would swarm all over it and try to fly off with crunchies. It wasn't too bad for me and Scotchy and Sugar cause we mostly eat in the house but poor Grayboy and Silver. They are the two feral kitties that eat on our back porch. We think Grayboy actually got stung in the mouth while eating. Something has to be done about this!
While Meowmy was out snapping pictures she saw something else that was much more dangerous. Predators! Do you see them? They are kinda tiny in these pictures but scary none the less. These big hawks like to fly in circular patterns and swoop down and get their lunch to go! They have been known to fly off with all kinds of small critters including cats!

There were only 3 in that first picture but the last one we counted 10! They start at one end of the neighborhood and slowly make there way to the other. Poor Sugar was out playing in the woods when they showed up. She saw Meowmy and started crying for help! Meowmy found her and escorted her up to the house so she would not become some mean old birds lunch. Good thing Meowmy showed up when she did.


Everycat said...

Oh so much danger! Bees and cat stealing hawks! Hope Grayboy and Silver are wise to these scary menaces!

Mum is shuddering.
Cat stealing hawks
I am shuddering

Whicky Wuudler

Dana said...

Wow, that is furry scary!! We don't like bees or cat stealing hawks. Stay safe guys!!!
~The Creek Cats~

ZOOLATRY said...

Soon as it's cold enough, trash that hive! Please!

Alasandra said...

We have hawks here that we have to watch out for.

Hope everyone stays save.

Our Daddy sprays wasp nest with hairspray, it might work on bees too. Mommy gets mad at him she says he should buy cheap hairspray to spray on wasp nest and leave her good stuff alone. Daddy says it's easier to get her good stuff out of the bathroom then to run to the store and buy the cheap stuff. Mommy says MEN!!!! in a very exasperated tone. ~S,S & C

PB 'n J said...

Lots of dangers there today - be careful! Our Mommy is always worried that a hawk will steal Pearl, she's so tiny - there's no way one of them could get me or Bert!

Kellykat said...

We are being very cautious about both the bees and the hawks. We told Grampa about the hive and he will take care of it for us. As for the hawks we have been really careful when they come around. If Meowmy is outside with us we hide underneath her so they won't see us! He he he!
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh noooess dat is furry scary! We hope dat everyone stays safe, includin the ferals!

The Island Cats said...

That bees hive looks really scary! We hate bees. Wally got stung by a bee one time. And hawks! We have hawks too! Mom saw one try to grab a mourning dove one day! That was scary too!

Stay safe you guys!

pee ess. the dove got away...whew!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

My Woman does not "do" bees. She'd have freaked out. We found one of those paper nests in our driveway after a big windstorm last week. The humans thought it was wasn't but luckily Grandpa found there were live ones inside and took it away.


Eric and Flynn said...

Bees are scary. When we were little kitties we had a bazillion bees come in our garden. They all swarmed on our hedge making a mass of about 3'x3'. Mum made us go indoors and rang a beekeeper and he came and took them all away. The hawks are scarier though, but we don't think they could carry us away because we are heavy. (But not fat!!!)

Anonymous said...

Mom is allergic to bees! She has people for that! Bye Bye Bees!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Eeep scary! My son was stung by a bee on the paw when he was little, it was all swollen! I hope you get the bees taken care of! ~Queen Snickers

Mickey said...

Yikes!!! That is a big bees nest!!!!! We have never seen that many hawks at the same time either!!!!!!WOW!!
Poor Grayboy and Silver! That is a scary sisuation you have!
Maybe you can convince the hawks to take the hive!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey