Pawprints On My Heart

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beware of the Shelf Snatchers

It was an ordinary day just like any other, I was amusing myself on the computer playing games, chatting with a friend, reading blogs, you know the usual. I had let my cat in the house a short while ago and he was unhappy to have to share me with the glowing box on the desk so he wandered about aimlessly looking for some entertainment. I became lost in my own electronic world and after a while I started to wonder what had become of poor bored little kitty.

I got up from my post and began looking for him in the kitchen. “Stryder? Where are you baby cat?” Cat food bowl? Nope, not there. Refrigerator rug? Nope, not there. Hmmm...? Are you in the living room? Empty sofa, recliner and front door rug. Where could he have gotten? I turned around and headed for the bedroom. Nope, no kitty there. Not even under the bed or dresser. He likes his privacy so maybe he's in the closet again. No. No closet kitty.

Well this left only one place, the bathroom. I know that he likes to follow me in there after a shower and have a lick of refreshment off the shower curtain, but he wasn't thirsty today, no kitty in the tub. I took a spin to look around the room and something caught my eye behind the door. I pushed the door closed to get a better look. “What in the heck?” Something fluffy caught my attention on the linen shelf.

I guess he knew that it was April Fool's Day and he thought he'd play a little game of hide and seek with me. The foolish part was that he was on top of a slippery magazine and couldn't seem to get any traction and was having a hard time getting out. He looked like he had jackknifed himself into that little wedge of open space. I reached in and twisted him around and pulled out the magazine and then he was able to get out.

I think he had planned a little sneak attack on me. Luckily I had my camera and now the joke is on him. Ain't he cute?

So does anyone else have a April Fool's Day story to share?


josey said...

hehehe. this cracked me up! you know, there have been some places my cats hide that i still havent figured out. i start to freak out when i do a head count once in a while and absosmurfly cant find one of them! little turds. hehe.

Kellykat said...

Oh they love to hide in sneaky little places. I have a running list of all their favorite spots but this was a new one!