Pawprints On My Heart

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scotchy Tales Tuesday--by Scotchy

Ya know, sometimes I just don't get enough action.

I tried knocking her paper onto the floor but that wasn't any fun. She just shook her head at me and left it there. Doesn't she know that she is supposed to come down here and let me wrap my claws around her arm so I can bunny kick while I put the bitey on her?
I have to resort to being cute. That's my secret weapon. I'll lure her in with the promise of sweet soft kitty belly or the fluffy silk of my little white chin. There's no way she could resist. Could you blame her?

What!?! A foot!?! Are you kidding me!?! No, no! You're supposed to come from the other side! The other side!! How can I possibly attack you like this?

Sheesh! I give up.


Daisy said...

You look so adorable in that last pose!

Sweet Praline said...

At least a foot is better than nothing! I bet you are so quick that you could do a quick 180 and grab that foot. Toes are so much fun to attack!

Kellykat said...

Thanks Daisy. I really was going for adorable and I ended up falling asleep that way. I figured if my plan worked eventually I could wake up really quick and start kickin!

And Praline you are absolutely correct. I usually do flip around and get her but I was so close to the edge of the bed, I would have fallen right off. She must have realized that it was her only opportunity to touch without getting attacked.


Samantha & Mr. Tigger said...

Awwww....Scotchy you are so cute in your pictures! You are very floofy, too!
Your FL furiends,

PS: Hi Stryder, I put your link up at the TGH. You can pick up a Tuxedo Gang Hideout Badge at the blog. It's just above the Feed the Pets Badges! I'll post your Bio and a picture on Thursday or Friday! Welcome to the Gang!
Samantha & the Tuxedo Gang

goldenshade said...

Very cute! That dang sneaky foot!!!!!

I am glad to see you are joining the TGH, Stryder! I am a gorgeous member also!

Purrs Shade

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh my goodness! it sounds like your mommy needs some more training. i too lure my mommy with the promise of petting my soft belly and then attack!

you look awfully irresistably cute in that photo Scotchy!

Kellykat said...

Thanks for all the love and compliments. I love getting that kinda feedback.

I've been training her for awhile now but she just can't seem to follow directions. I guess she is a work in progress.


Kellykat said...

Thanks for hooking me up with the TGH membership Samantha, I'm very pleased to be a part of the group. Its so nice to meet fellow members. Thanks for coming by Shade.