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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mancat Monday--by Stryder

Something terrible happened while the typist was away. We are so sorry to hear about Forest. She was a beautiful kitty that we were just beginning to get to know. We will miss her.
Today's Mancat Monday post is about hunting.
Whenever your Meowmy gets out the mousy on a stick, its your job to hunt it down. But don't forget to smile for the camera!

Be sure to lick it really good, sometimes it has catnip in it.

Oh and always be sure to get your claw stuck in it so that she has to repeatedly remove the toy from your grasp. This makes it easier to get in some pets or chin scritches since she's down there anyway.

See ya next time!


Daisy said...

Good demonstration, Stryder! I try to always remember the smiling part, too.

Kellykat said...

You've got a great smile Daisy! We love to see it.
-Stryder (and Meowmy)

Anonymous said...

An excellent lesson with some very pimportant tips! We always smile at Mom and give her our best kyoot face!

goldenshade said...

Good lesson! I am pretty good and smiling but Shade is another story. She's good at scowling!!

Purrs, Goldie

Kellykat said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed my lesson. Smiling for the flashy box seems to be pretty important to the humans. I get lots of extra chin scritches when I do it.