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Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally Friday--by Stryder

Yay! It's finally Friday! We stayed up late last night to celebrate early. And guess what Meowmy pulled out. My favorite toy. Feathers!!

As soon as I hear that little bell tinkle I know it's about to get crazy!

She has to keep it hidden from me cause I will kill it til its all dead. I like to chew on them and shred them with my fang. I have killed the little bouncy string on it so many times that it has gotten shorter and shorter. Now its so short that we have to play on the bed so that I can reach it!

That's ok cause I like tearing around in little circles on the blanket. But I had to settle down cause I was starting to rip holes in the little squares and Meowmy didn't like that too much. I told her it's the price you have to pay to have some fun. What's a little hole or two gonna hurt anyway?


The Crew said...

Keep this in mind, Stryder...any collateral damage to the bedspread that happens during playing with your feather is NOT your fault! Well, actually nothing is ever that cat's fault.


Millie said...

Holy Cats! We could be twins!

Great full Monty!

Daisy said...

I think having fun is more important than making a few holes in a priceless family quilt!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Humans should understand that if they adopt us, they take on all our holey projects. We have to have some fun in life.

Tuxedo Gang said...

I like feather toys, too! I just wanted to let you know that I posted your intro on the TGH just now! Welcome to the Gang!
Samantha and the Tuxedo gang

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We love feather toys too!!

Thanks for visitin' us, brofur!!
I was so excited to find you and that we share a name!! We look forward to becomin' great furriends!!

I like to do crazy circles on the rug (Dad says it sounds like velcro, whatever that is...), I'll have to try it on the bed sometime!!

Kellykat said...

I think she was getting upset ofur nothing. She needs a new blanket anyway, this one is starting to smell a little like Scotchy on my favorite spot!

Anonymous said...

LOL at what The Crew said... nothing is ever the cat's fault! Truer words were never spoken.

Eric and Flynn said...

So you made a few holes. That's what happens, it's called art. Tell your Beans they have to admire your art.

Kellykat said...

Well in that case I'm very artsy craftsy! And your right its her fault for inviting me to play with a used toy. She should go get me a fresh one to destroy. I will add the feathers to the holes and improve my art!

Sweet Praline said...

I used to play with feathers all of the time, but I think I have gotten too old to be jumping around.

Thanks for visiting my blog and helping us rebuild our blog list.

Alasandra said...

Beans are kinda funny about holes in bedspreads and other things. Playing with your toy looks like fun. ~Socks, S & C


Miss Peach sure did surprise me by telling you about my vintage car blog. I want to thank you so much for your nice visit too, she sure has some great friends. I hope you enjoyed wandering around the old cars and thank you for not clawing the upholstery. Next time you come by, I will have some cat nip waiting and Miss Peach will serve some of her tea.

Kellykat said...

You kitties are welcome to come play with my feathers anytime. And Praline I don't think your too old! Our friend CJ is 15 and he still plays efurry day. I think that's what keeps him young.
P.S. Oh, and Lapdaddy, I'll be looking for that tea next time we come by.