Pawprints On My Heart

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paparazzi Everywhere! -by Scotchy

Oh no, she's at it again. Not the flashy box. Can't I just be left alone sometimes. What's so interesting about what I'm doing right now!?! Please, just back off. Really, back off. No pictures please.
Darn that paparazzi! Always in my face. I can't get a moments peace around here.


The Meezers said...

poor Scotchy. When you're as good looking as you are, the paparazzi just want to aim the flashy box at you all the time.

The Crew said...

(sigh) I think we're all faced with the same problem. It's always "click-flash, click-flash" to the point where it's hard to get in my 18 hours of daily napping time!


Daisy said...

It never stops!

The Island Cats said...

Hey's tough when you are so photogenic, isn't it?

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Kellykat said...

I knew my fellow furry friends would understand. Why do they always have to bug us with the flashy box? I think we need some bodyguards or something.

HotMBC said...

Paparazzi are like that!

Sweet Praline said...

Scotchy, I feel your pain. Now, Mom has two of those flashy boxes and I just can't get away.

Sorry we haven't visited in a couple of days. Mom's laptop crashed and she is still feeling yechy.

Lux said...

I know exactly what you mean about the paparazzi. But just look at your pretty furs!