Pawprints On My Heart

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

We are sad that Texas had to go to the Rainbow Bridge but we know we will see him again one day.
Today I thought that I would take over the blog and tell you about things we are grateful for.
  1. We are such lucky kitties to have a wonderful furever home. We know that not efurry kitty can say this. We have at least 3 feral kitties that come around to have dinner with us that do not have one. If they were a little more trusting of the humans they could become part of our family, as long as they remember that I am the Queen!
  2. We are lucky to have Kellykat home with us so much. She may be sad about not having found a new day hunting place but we really like having her around for all the petting and love that she gives us.
  3. Temptations. Gotta love that salmon flavor.
  4. Stinky goodness. I'm very picky about what I like but stinky goodness is wonderful.
  5. Grandma's bedroom. I get to sleep in there all by myself at night so that those other kitties don't disturb me. A girl needs her beauty sleep.
  6. Grass. We love to roll around in it and have it scratch our itches.
  7. Dirt is good too. If your feeling hot and sticky dirt will cool you down and help keep the buggies off of you. Plus it has some shiny stuff in it so its very fashionable.
  8. I like the berries on the ground. I use them as makeup for my white furs. They make them all purple and purrty. The dirt also does this but makes it all orange cause its that Georgia clay stuff. I love colors!
  9. Soft blankets. There is a furry soft green blanket on the couch that I get to lay on whenever I want. Its nice and squishy and I use my biscuit making skills to plump it up in all the right places.
  10. Outside is a wonderful place. We all get to go outside whenever we want. Its good exercise to walk around the yard and chase flutterbies and crickets and stuff. I even know how to catch a mouse when I'm in the mood. They make great presents.
  11. We are also grateful for the covered porch. When it rains out or gets too hot in the sun we can hang out on the porch and feel safe and protected. It also has good shade and you can see right in to the kitchen to see if your person is around to let you in.
  12. Family is next on the list. If I didn't have family I would be purrty bored with no one to swat at or hiss at. Scotchy wouldn't have anyone to chase either and Stryder would know where all of his toys are and wouldn't be able to hunt for them. Boring like I said.
  13. And finally we are grateful for all of our wonderful friends that we have met here on the blogosphere. Its been so much fun getting to know all of you. We look forward to reading about you all efurryday. Its the first thing Kellykat does in the morning, its become our bonding routine. Thank you all for entertaining us and supporting us. Your the best.


Team Tabby said...

Those are all awesome things to be thankful for! Tell your mom that we also have an older version of Photoshop. Our mom searches on da internet for tutorials for our version of PS. There are also some YouTube videos - 'how to's'. Dat's how our mom learned to use PS. She's still learning, heh.

Mindy & MOe

Alasandra said...

We have an award for you. ~S,S & C

Shadow / Molly said...

We LOVE love LOVE the cat blogosphere! Mom is glad she founded it too.

The Island Cats said...

Those are all great things to be grateful for...

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Sweet Praline said...

What great thing to be thankful for. We have that clay in SC too!