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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wrong number???

**Ring....ring....ring....Hello?....bzzzz.....*** Oh hello Dial! I've been wanting to talk to you! No, no your not bothering me at all. I have nothing better to do than to sit here and talk to you Dial. Mr. Dial Tone. Your my bestest friend. Please call again tomorrow why don't you? Here, I'll just sit by the phone and wait.

Does this ever happen to you? I just don't get it. Once or twice would be ok. I understand, mistakes happen. I didn't mean to call your number it was just a misdial. Misdial ok, but this is just plain ridiculous.

I've been getting this call for weeks now. My cell phone rings...its not my favorite tone so I know its not Bob or really not anyone else because I don't get very many chitt-chatty phone calls. But not suspecting anything I answer the phone. As soon as I pick it up--Duhzzzzzzzzz......Dial Tone.

Now call me crazy but when you answer the phone that is when you are actually supposed to talk to a person right? How come everytime I pick it up it disconnects? I know my cell phone does not have the best track record but come on! It keeps happening over and over again.

I started to get smart, I started looking at the number before I answered it. Nope, don't recognize it. Oh well, lets see what they want. Oh its you! Dial, I've missed you. Its been DAYS since I've heard from you. What are you doing out there in area code 803? Hmmm? Seems I may never know. You only want to say one thing. Bzzzzzzzzz.

Well I'm tired of it so I decide to call the number back and see what Dial has to say for himself. It immediately rings and I hear a recorded voice say "Your call is very important to us, please hold for the next available representative." I'm thinking to myself, if my call is very important to you then why can't you stay on the line long enough to actually speak to me when I answer? Come on!

When I get transferred to an actual person I explain that I am returning a call that I am getting repeatedly and would like to know the name of the company that I am calling. The woman with the "(B*tch) Ma'am I am the manager" voice tells me that the company is Amco. Amco? What the heck is Amco?

"What is the purpose of your company?" I inquire. "Well, that would depend on who is calling" she informs me. "YOUR CALLING!" I explain to her that I am getting this call over and over and over again, and like any good human being I answer the phone when it rings like I've been taught to do and instead of getting a greeting I'm being hung up on! What kind of company is this?

"Well if you'll just give me your name I can look you up and see why we are contacting you." Oh no you don't! I'm not giving out any personal information to a strange company that won't even tell me what business they are in. I've heard all about phone scams, I don't need my identity stolen right now, thank you. I mean they are already harrassing me now and all they have is my phone number, Lord only knows what kinda trouble they will cause if they have my name or address.

Well at this point I hesitate and think to myself, name? You want a name? Heres my name. Ms. Dial Tone.


josey said...

HA! perfect ending to that call i'd say. too bad you didnt really tell her that was your name and then BUUZZZZZ hang up! HA!!! ;)

Kellykat said...

Can you believe I'm still getting this call? I finally saved the number and labeled it as DO NOT ANSWER. I also have one that is labeled DISCONNECTED. Same situation with this one only when I try to return the call I get the message that (you guessed it) the number is no longer in service. What the heck? I'm I cursed or something?